Who We Are

I’m Ashley. Dustin thinks I’m cute. I’m currently a MA student, writing my thesis on Toni Morrison’s food and kitchen spaces. My interests include but are not limited to: blogging, reading fiction, drama, and poetry, writing plays, learning to cook too many local and organic veggies for Dustin’s liking, baking, knitting, caring for two crazy kittencats, wishing I knew how to paint, organizing, and shopping. There I said it: Shopping.

I’m Dustin, and Ashley thinks I’m cute. I’m 25, crazy about the gorgeous lady above, and tech savvy. I just completed my BA in English with Secondary Education, and am on the job market in North Mississippi. I’m not on the force anymore, but I used to work for Geek Squad, still wear the orange and black with pride. In my spare time, I tinker with computers, help others figure out their tech headaches, game, and most importantly, wash Ashley’s dirty dishes. The most enjoyable part of each day is poking fun at my lovely lady–she has no idea when I’m going to propose, but wants it more than anything in the world! I’ve absolutely nothing left to make fun of her about, except for her ridiculous level of giggling when she talks about our wedding.

Together, we’re AnD. Ain’t we cute?


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