Our Registries

Aw, shucks! You shouldn’t have!

But just in case you want to, we have registries at the following places:

Stocking Up the Newlyweds

If you want to give a gift directly to us, but don’t know where to start, you can shop from one of our registries.

We are registered at:
Bed, Bath, and Beyond (don’t forget your coupons!)

Charitable Giving:
Because we have already been seriously blessed, we have much of what would go on a traditional wedding registry. We’d be thrilled beyond words if you would consider giving the money you would have spent on a toaster to a charity instead.

Here are a few of our favorites:
WorldVision: Ashley has been sponsoring a child through this organization for years. They do great work, especially with children, and with whole communities in times of crisis and natural disasters. Learn here. Give here.

Freedom To Marry: Dustin and I have the legal right to marry because we happen to be straight. We think it’s deplorable that EVERYONE doesn’t have that same legal right. Learn here. Give here.

Reading is Fundamental: RIF encourages literacy in children and familes; it gives books away, it teaches people to read, and it helps people develop a love of books and reading. I spent my entire childhood (okay, adulthood, too) in libraries and bookstores. Of course we love this one! Learn here. Give here.

The Humane Society: We love furbabies of all kinds. We regularly take care of strays. It tears us up inside to see homeless animals (especially ones that haven’t been spayed or neutered!!!!!). We fully believe in adopting shelter babies, and this awesome organization that is devoted to ending animal cruelty, and finding safe homes for the millions of orphaned pets living in shelters today. Learn here. Donate here.

Heifer International: Stephen Colbert loves this one! Heifer works to end poverty and hunger worldwide in a really unique way–they give families livestock (among other things) so that they can actually pull themselves from the cycle of poverty. They allow women and children to make money, to earn their living when they might otherwise be forced into begging or prostitution. What’s cool about Heifer is that if you choose to give here, you can shop their Gift Catalog,  and pick a specific “gift” to send to a family–Ashley’s favorite gifts are bunny rabbits, chicks, honeybees, a cow, and the Earth Basket. This is a seriously awesome organization. Learn here. Donate here.

The Food Trust: Ashley and Dustin really like food. They really like good food; that is, food that is fresh, grown locally, organic if possible, and good to the earth and the people that made it. We want everyone to love this food like we do. But we realize that truly good food like this is hard for a lot of Americans to afford. The Food Trust works to ensure that everyone has access to this good food–and it works with schools, communities, farmer’s markets, farmers, and political organizations to make it happen. Learn here, then click on  “Our Projects.” Donate here.

Your Local Blood Donation Center. I can’t give blood (low iron), but Dustin does regularly. One donation saves three lives, but if you’re like me and can’t give blood, a financial donation can help these donation centers collect, test, and distribute blood that can go to people who need it.


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