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I’m Back!

Wow, it’s been a loooonnng time. So where were we, huh? We went to Asheville, and ate inordinate amounts of amazing food. I taught my summer class, and apparently was so scary that 12 people dropped on the first day. … Continue reading

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This Week: In Recap

I’ve been in Asheville since Sunday. I have a new favorite city. I’m so glad we’re getting married there. I have a whole slew of blog posts and photos to come, but since I’m currently relaxing at the parents’ house, … Continue reading

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T- 6 Months!

I cannot believe we only have six months left until our wedding. It feels like I got engaged just a week ago; it’s impossible to believe that we’ve actually been engaged a year and a half. As far as how … Continue reading

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You Can Leave Your Hat On*

I finally booked my hotel room for my boudoir shoot. It’s truly fabulous, and almost exactly the look I was going for. (This was the look I was actually going for, but this look would cost me $1500: (The Gatsby … Continue reading

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Boudoir Inspiration (NSFW!)

I’ve decided to pose for a boudoir shoot before our wedding. That’s right. Boudoir. For His Eyes Only. Naughty Pictures we’ll have to hide under our bed when our parents come to visit. I can’t wait. I’ve been scouring the … Continue reading

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7 Months!

Oh. My. God. There’s no possible way we only have SEVEN MONTHS until our wedding. That’s 214 days. 5,136 hours. 308,160 minutes, and a whole lotta seconds that we have left to plan and pay for this shindig.This is getting … Continue reading

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The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair*

So I’ve been thinking about my hair. I should mention now that this post involves many very self-involved photos of my hair. For better or for worse. This is how it looks on a daily basis: front, obviously, and boy … Continue reading

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