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This Is It!

So you know how they tell you that you’ll be completely a big ball of nerves before your wedding? It’s totally true. The complete anxiety is a thousand times worse when you’re PMS-ing. Just saying. But through losing something every … Continue reading

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Here begins a mini-rant… But it drives me batty when I hear people judging other people’s weddings. “It drives me crazy when brides do (insert plethora of offenses here).” “Ohmygod, I can’t believe she served that at her reception!.” “Wow, … Continue reading

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Take a Look, Inside a Ceremony Planning Book

What falls below is essentially a book review. An unpaid, unsolicited book review. I don’t know Judith Johnson, anyone at Sourcebooks, Inc., and no one asked me or paid me to do this. I’m not sure why we decided we … Continue reading

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Santa Doesn’t Make Lists Like I Do

A few things about me: I always have my day planner with me. I make lists compulsively. If it’s not in the day planner or not on the list, it doesn’t get remembered or completed. I love time lines. I … Continue reading

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44 Cents and a Little Spit

I love mailing things. I get great joy in writing cards and letters, taping up packages, and most of all, applying those little rectangular goodies on the upper right hand side of envelopes. I don’t send Dustin to the post … Continue reading

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Gathered ‘Round the Table

My childhood of nightly family dinners and perpetual rejection at middle school dances has me convinced that a traditional reception is not for me (kidding!). Instead, we’re treating our family to a big ‘ole dinner (and requisite cocktails) after our … Continue reading

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The Negotiator

This post could alternatively be called: How William Shatner Continues to Be the Awesome. We’re going to Asheville this summer (for the first time) to have our engagement pictures taken, and to meet with our officiant and to see our … Continue reading

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