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I love birdcage veils. Always have. I first saw them watching old movies on TCM, and I fell in love with the sight of gorgeous silver screen sirens, usually weeping behind a black birdcage veil, dabbing their eyes with a … Continue reading

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Kismet, Kate

Dustin got called into a 3-hour training session at work, so I drove up with him. Afterward, I was a mean fiancee, and made him go shoe shopping with me. Out of nowhere, my wedding shoes jumped out and slipped … Continue reading

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Giving Good Face

That sounds dirty. But Madonna said it first, so I’m cool. I’m more sure about my makeup than my hair, but I’m staying in the 1940s feeling. So this is pretty much perfect. Strong lips, gently curved brows, light eyes … Continue reading

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1940s Hair

I need vintage hair to go with my fabulous dress. My dress is just asking for vintage trusses. And I plan to deliver. My main inspiration is very 1940s, but a relaxed wartime style. I look absolutely fabulous in Victory … Continue reading

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Lipstick on Your Collar*

I booked my hair and makeup today! Take that, Martha! I’m a full two months ahead of schedule with these. I love being ahead of schedule, and trust me, this wedding is the *only* thing I’ve ever done according to … Continue reading

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Heels Not Made for Walking

I bought shoes yesterday. I know, I know. But these are special shoes. These are red shoes. Patent leather shoes. Shoes with 4 inch heels I will NEVER learn to walk in. These are the shoes I’ll be wearing for … Continue reading

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He Put a Ring On It*

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve never done a post about my engagement ring. Usually, this is one of the first things a newly engaged woman does, but I was way more interested in talking about Dustin instead of … Continue reading

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