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Giving Good Face

That sounds dirty. But Madonna said it first, so I’m cool. I’m more sure about my makeup than my hair, but I’m staying in the 1940s feeling. So this is pretty much perfect. Strong lips, gently curved brows, light eyes … Continue reading

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Engagement Photo Inspiration

I want two major things out of my engagement photos: 1) for them to be fun, both in how they turn out and how we felt while having them taken; and 2) for them to reflect who we are. It … Continue reading

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Boudoir Inspiration (NSFW!)

I’ve decided to pose for a boudoir shoot before our wedding. That’s right. Boudoir. For His Eyes Only. Naughty Pictures we’ll have to hide under our bed when our parents come to visit. I can’t wait. I’ve been scouring the … Continue reading

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Place the Blame…

I introduced Dustin to Rita Hayworth a few nights ago. I may never get my husband back. I was watching Gilda when he got home from work, and about 2 minutes into dinner, her “Blame it on Mame” number came … Continue reading

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A “Little Women” Wedding

Growing up, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women was my favorite novel. I must have read it dozens of time. I started out on Team Laurie. Clearly, Jo should’ve ended up with the impulsive, funny, adorable-as-played-by-Christian-Bale Laurie. As I got older, … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom

from a friend of Dustin’s: “Being married is much more important than getting married.” Hear, hear. (Or is it ‘here, here.?”)

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School Days Inspiration

I’ve always been skeptical about Martha Stewart anything, but I signed up for her Weddings site, and I’m so glad I did!! She features such gorgeous weddings, and today, I found the most perfect little wedding. Minhee and Truman had … Continue reading

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