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The Negotiator

This post could alternatively be called: How William Shatner Continues to Be the Awesome. We’re going to Asheville this summer (for the first time) to have our engagement pictures taken, and to meet with our officiant and to see our … Continue reading

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Our Budget Breakdown: What We’re Supposed To Spend

One thing I haven’t talked about too much here is our budget. It’s a relatively tight one, but my Mama raised me right (HA!) and taught me never to talk about money in public. So I’m not all that comfortable … Continue reading

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Wedding Ring Woes

We’ve been shopping for wedding rings. And there’s something that’s bothering me. As I’ve researched our bands, I’ve discovered that the gold industry is a dirty industry. The process of mining and refining gold ruins the environment (contaminates the air, … Continue reading

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Dustin Got a Job!

And it’s all because of our Wii. Please to explain. Dustin’s been jobless since he moved here in December. The school systems aren’t hiring until the fall (and even then, there’s a chance it might not work out–Mississippi has a … Continue reading

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Money. Damn.

So apparently, weddings cost money. A LOT of money. Apparently, the average American wedding costs somewhere between $24 and $26K. And I thought staying under $10K was too expensive… Obviously, since we’ve still got approximately 708 days until our wedding … Continue reading

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