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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study

Eat Your Vegetables

I’ve been a vegetarian for all of 17 days now, which is, honestly, way longer than I’d thought I’d be. I mean, my husband is a meat eater. I was definitely a meat eater, too. I mean, this is the … Continue reading

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The Accidental Vegetarian

It started, quite honestly, because we’re broke. There’s a period that begins right before Christmas, and extends until the middle of January where I don’t get a paycheck, and there’s another 2-month-long stretch in the summer where I am, for … Continue reading

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Try This Today

You need this soup in your life. Amen. I’ve been in a soup mood lately, which is weird, ’cause I usually think soups are totally lackluster. Watery. Not good at all. But this one. This one is full of good, … Continue reading

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Target Inspired Schemin’ and Dreamin’

…of a spruced up bedroom. About 8 months ago, I guess, I traded in my faux-suede, chocolate brown bedset for a livelier, natural-fiber green floral set. I had hopes of revamping the entire bedroom with bright colors, natural fibers and … Continue reading

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Women Who Read

I’ve been on a book-reading fiasco lately. It’s so ridiculously wonderful. I’ve been reading and writing for my thesis, which is about Toni Morrison (and food, what else?). I love Toni Morrison, but her work is certainly not light reading. … Continue reading

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Wedding Recaps: The Reception

After our ceremony wrapped up, the fun got started. We headed outside for photos just as the sun was beginning to set, but it quickly led to what was for me, the most fun part of the day. Earlier in … Continue reading

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Wedding Week Recaps: The Ceremony

Y’all. Our ceremony was simply amazing. I hate that I didn’t delegate properly and leave plenty of time to prepare for the ceremony, because I think it would have alleviated SOME of the pre-ceremony stress I was feeling. We also … Continue reading

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