Target Inspired Schemin’ and Dreamin’

…of a spruced up bedroom.

About 8 months ago, I guess, I traded in my faux-suede, chocolate brown bedset for a livelier, natural-fiber green floral set. I had hopes of revamping the entire bedroom with bright colors, natural fibers and chic accessories to achieve some kind of Morocco and/or India by the seaside feel.

That sort of worked. The wedding and school and my graduate school stipend kicked in and my decor dreams were stamped out. Sort of.

I did spring for a new-to-me white wooden chair with great lines, and a can of navy blue paint to spruce up the desk I used as an elementary school kid, and a mirror to hang over that desk to turn it into a vanity area. But that’s where it ended. Until I went to Target today, and they replaced Christmas decor with pretty things that are just the style I’ve been cooking up in that brain of mine.

Let’s look, shall we?

Here’s our bedroom from the entry door. That door on the left goes into the bathroom, and the door on the right is our closet. This is our bedroom from the other side. That’s the desk-turned vanity and chair with great lines in the corner, and our huge-but-off-centered-and-it-drives-me-crazy window with fabulous sheers/panels I got on super-sale at JC Penney. Those panels are a warm orange, not red. And this is what our bed looks like from it’s foot. That iron thing actually hung on the side of my grandmother’s house years and years and years ago. Okay, but not great. And I’m stuck with the wall color and carpet–oh how I long for wide-planked hardwood floors! Thank God the trim is white, though! My first apartment had beige walls, beige carpet, AND beige trim. At least now the walls are warm, the carpet is a different color from the wall, and the (wide!) trim is a cool, clean white. So all I’ve got to work with is wall decor and accessories for pops of color and happiness.

So this is what I want to do:

  • a new, clean, semi-modern sleigh bed, much like this one from Pottery Barn:A new bed isn’t going to happen any time soon. At all. But a girl’s gotta dream.
  • Since we can’t afford a new bed for many, many years to come, I at least want to get us some nightstands. Target had some pretty fabulous ones today, but they were too far out of our price range (that’s not hard to do these days), I didn’t take a picture. Dang.
  • On those nightstands, I want to put: 1) some great lamps. I’m thinking a ceramic (warm, beachy orange! or deep jewel blue!) base with linen shades; 2) a pretty Indian-inspired bowl. Jo-Ann’s has one right now, but I couldn’t find it on their sight. Trust me on this one–I need it in my life. 3) a hammered metallic frame.
  • One of the problems I’m having with our room right now is that it feels empty. All of my previous bedrooms have been smaller, and more square, so the space filled (and cluttered) more quickly. Our bed faces a very long, very empty wall, and we can’t afford a giant hanging piece to fill it. At Target today, I ran across a 24×36 collage frame that I actually liked. It’s very nice–brown wood, with a pretty thick mat, and best of all, only $40 (they have a matching mirror for the same price). Here’s my idea–fill most of the frames with our wedding photos (since the colors are pretty constant and collage frames can feel busy if the images aren’t cohesive), and fill a few random slots with batik and/or henna-inspired prints/fabrics. We’d frame the …frame with these vertical prints from Target that I am completely smitten with. The blues here work perfectly with the blue of my vanity, and I like that this adds color without being totally overwhelming.
  • I want to ditch the dorm-room hanging mirror off the back of my door and trade it in for a beautifully modern standing easel mirror. I like this one from Target, but I want it in a brown to match my frames and eventual bed.
  • Next to it, I’d love an ottoman of some kind, maybe brown leather? Rattan? It’d be a great place for us to slip on our shoes, for the cats to perch, to lay out our my outfits at night. If not an ottoman, perhaps a lidded rattan laundry basket. Something like this, maybe?
  • My vanity chair right now hasn’t changed since I brought it home from the antique store. I love that it’s already white, but the fabric is pretty blah. I’ve been on the lookout for something kind of like this from Jo-Ann’s but I wish it were more lemony or perhaps even a warm orange:
  • And lastly, I’m bad about skimping on cohesive details. It’s been my practice thus far to pick up something I like, hoping it will work. Sometimes that works, but as my tastes have evolved, I’m left with a lot of decor I don’t like as much and doesn’t really “go” in my space. And that’s when I buy “the details” at all–I’m a tightwad, and it’s hard for me to spend money on something that, while gorgeous, basically has no function. So I snapped these pictures today (again, at Target) to remind me that functionality sometimes can’t compare that happy that comes from looking at some pretty.

love the mix of metal, ceramic, and plant fiber here. And the colors. Silver and blue are beautiful together.

Dustin’s favorite color is orange, and I like to work in small pops of it to make him feel at home in the space, too.I just like these. Simple.


Whew. Tired yet? This definitely can’t happen at once, though it feels like I’ve been dreaming of this bedroom for ages, and suddenly Target just happens to be selling stuff that just works perfectly… But slowly, I’ll get there! What’s going on in your bedroom? (heh.)


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