Wedding Week Recaps: Before the Wedding

I can’t believe our wedding week is over! And yes, the week of Thanksgiving shall always be our wedding week. How awesome is that?

So let’s just jump in, shall we? We drove up to Asheville on the Thursday before our wedding, because we had to get our wedding license before the wedding on Monday. And that’s the first thing we did on Friday morning.

The Register of Deeds is in a really gorgeous old building, which of course, we didn’t take any good photos of from the inside. We were kind of excited to be all legal and whatnot.To celebrate, we shopped downtown Asheville. We stocked up on spices, bread dipping herbs, and Dustin’s favorite Butcher’s Rub from the Spice and Tea Exchange. We also picked up this lovely print from Woolworth Walk:

We had to have it. I mean, c’mon. We’re English majors. I’m crazy in love with typewriters (hello typewriter key jewelry!). And that middle row of keys there? Totally our new monogram. How sad is it that 2 tech nerds didn’t notice the first 3 letters of the 2nd row on a QWERTY keyboard are our monogram? It’s meant to be.

By then, it was only nearing 11 am, so we decided to head over to 12 Bones Smokehouse, which was amazing. And I’m glad we got there early, because as we were leaving around noon, the line was crazy. And not just ’cause Obama ate there. Although that’s pretty awesome, too. They also had this hanging up in the bathroom, right next to a trick mirror that made my butt look small and cute:This cracked me up. And it wasn’t just ’cause I was getting married in a few days.


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