A Little Like the Clampetts

Since I was having boudoir photos taken in Asheville, we decided to splurge on a swanky room that would be totally photo-worthy. We decided on the Grand Bohemian, and it definitely was a splurge. The parking garage was full of super nice sports cars, and my little dirty Scion was totally out of place. We were totally out of place, actually, which probably accounts for us not being entirely satisfied with our stay.

The hotel is ridiculously nice. Huge rooms, perfectly decorated, pay-for-parking nice. The room was absolutely gorgeous, and it had a kick-ass , humongous jacuzzi tub that I didn’t want to get out of. The bed was super comfy, and there was a decently-sized balcony that overlooked a swanky McDonald’s. Apparently it has a grand piano inside, but we ate at Moe’s instead. We’re burrito people.

We really had no reason not to like the place, except that it was so ridiculously expensive (for us), and we felt completely like the Clampetts in LA, except we knew we were out of place. Maybe we’re just cheap, but we don’t want to pay $300 for a hotel stay, and then be expected to pay for parking and coffee. Also, when you check out, they pre-charge you for damages, even if you didn’t do any. Then, they un-charged us, waited two weeks, told us we’d payed with Marriot awards (which we don’t subscribe to), waited another week, and recharged us. It may be okay to give this kind of runaround to bazillionaires who don’t have to know where there money is, but it was super tough watching our budget take several unpredictable nose-dives while they got the room charges worked out.

But enough of the grumpiness! Photos-time!

The entryway and dining-area, though I’m pretty sure they charged us to run the water in here. The living room and porch (see the schmucky McDonald’s in the background?). We didn’t spend much time here. The pretty, pretty headboard. There were lots of antlers in this hotel, which we didn’t mind. They worked, somehow. The bathroom. Probably my favorite room. It was supposed to be connected to the bedroom more, so I’m not sure what’s up with that, but oh well. The two double doors (brown things on the right) opened up to reveal that amazing jacuzzi tub, a gorgeous shower, and separate bath. See that fabulous shower? I loved that shower.


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