Bright Lights, Little City

So our trip to Asheville was kind of ridiculous. Amazingly ridiculous. It’s kind of our favorite place on earth now. There’s so much to love about Asheville, so let’s take it slow, okay?

First, where we stayed. We Pricelined three nights at the Renaissance Asheville. The rooms here start at $150 a night; we got ours for $50! I was really quite nervous about Pricelining, but the minute we walked in the doors, we knew we’d made a good choice. Super nice hotel, great staff, has an awesome indoor saltwater pool that we pretty much stayed in every night. Our only complaint is that the bathrooms are tiny. One person only, and you’ve got to dance your way around the door. Our toilet also sprung a leak one day, and took 2 maintenance visits to fix, but nothing was ruined, and the concierge offered to change our room for us.

What’s that, you say? Need photos? Can do.

They originally had us down for a 2-queen bed, but they switched us to a king without any problem! We had a decent view of an extra wing’s roof, and a giant parking lot. But oh well, we got lots of light. I hate a dark hotel room. Also, that bed? Most comfy hotel bed ever.

Our tiny bathroom, but I love orange wallpaper. One day I will have orange walls. We had way too much fun with this doorway. So much fun that it almost took our ankles off. But who the heck cares, it’s a revolving door!


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