Giving Good Face

That sounds dirty. But Madonna said it first, so I’m cool.

I’m more sure about my makeup than my hair, but I’m staying in the 1940s feeling.

So this is pretty much perfect. Strong lips, gently curved brows, light eyes with a buff blush. I plan on smiling more, but this is basically the look I want.

Variation on a theme:Remember her? I love her makeup just as much as her hair. I’m especially loving her eye makeup. A powdery white towards the nose, easing into a gunmetal (and is that pink I see?) towards her temples. I want red lips instead of pink, but this is a very good idea of what vintage-inspired makeup looks like without being overly done or costumey.

I’ve been sitting on this image for about a week and I just realized it was Drew Barrymore. Gorgous, no? This is closest to what I want. It’s got the lips from the first picture, with the eyes from the second, but everything is very soft and pretty. I love how subdued her cheeks are here, as I’ve seen a lot of clown cheeks with vintage makeup styles. Also, how fabulous is her hat here? And man oh man I wish I had the dough to gain access to a sleek WWII-era Roadmaster.

The lovely Dita Von Teese. I like that her cheeks are pink here, because I’ve seen a lot of bronzed cheeks, but the pink looks soft and lovely.

Dita, again. Very similar look here, except she’s used blue on her eyes, which would have not been done very often in real WWII America, but hell, she’s Vita Don Teese, she doesn’t have to follow the rules. I don’t want blue eyes, but this is proof that color can work on your eyes, even when you’re trying to stay vintage.


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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study
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