1940s Hair

I need vintage hair to go with my fabulous dress. My dress is just asking for vintage trusses. And I plan to deliver.

My main inspiration is very 1940s, but a relaxed wartime style. I look absolutely fabulous in Victory Rolls, but I feel quite costumey in them, and I certainly don’t want to feel like I’m playing pretend on my wedding day. So I’m going for a much less formal style–what is essentially my everyday look, with just a little more pizazz. Judy Garland, Rita Hayworth, and my grandmother have been my main sources of inspiration.

I have my hair trial on Wednesday, and these are the images I’m bringing in with me:

This is my maternal grandmother, taken who knows when. We have pretty much the exact same facial structure, so this is a pretty good starting point. I want this basic style–parted on the side, curly all over (as if my hair could do anything else!), with the “big” side pinned back or rolled under in some way.

I’ve featured this image before. This is Rita Hayworth, the gorgous beyond words woman my husband would run away with if she wasn’t dead and otherwise unavailable. She’s rocking the pincurls here, which I can’t do, but I love that this style keeps the part, and is pinned back on both sides while keeping body and curl. Also, did you know Rita Hayworth was actually Carmen Cansino? She’s Spanish, but couldn’t cut it in pre-wartime Hollywood looking so damn foreign, so she underwent ridiculous skin lightening and hairline electrolysis to look more white. It worked, apparently.

Judy Garland, whom I adore. This is the image my gay friend Pip says I should go for, and I’m tempted to go with whatever he says because he is fabulous and bitchy and truly amazing. And also a marathon runner, which I kind of hate, but that’s neither here nor there.

Judy Garland, again. This is pretty much the exact same style, except she’s kept her curl here. Mine will most likely look closest to this.

And just for the hell of it, a modern interpretation of wartime hair:Katharine Heigl. She’s beautiful, but she annoys me. I love here hair and makeup here, though, but I’m pretty sure there’s no way I could get my spirals to cooperate that well.

I’m a little worried though–these styles are, like I said before, how I wear my hair daily, though they are definitely glamoured up. I don’t want an updo, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t go for something just a little more fancy. Maybe incorporate small victory rolls? Or maybe a fabulous birdcage veil will be enough to glam it up? For example:

This girl is gorgeous, is she not? Her hair looks relatively simple, but totally glam, too, and the veil seems to do it.

Help me with my hair, people, I only know how to wash it.


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