Santa Doesn’t Make Lists Like I Do

A few things about me: I always have my day planner with me. I make lists compulsively. If it’s not in the day planner or not on the list, it doesn’t get remembered or completed. I love time lines. I need schedules and task lists. Without them, I’m a little more than manic.

Wedding planning, too, seems to be very grounded in these organizational principles.

Which is why it always surprises me when I get told I’m too organized. And lately, that’s happened a lot.

For example. I paid off my wedding dress today. I put it on layaway, because honestly, I wanted to keep it in the store and away from the cats as long as possible. My deadline to pay was June 9th. I’m only 5 days early. As I got my receipts, I folded them and put them in the same folder they gave me when I put my first payment down. This folder went right into my day planner.  I went ahead and scheduled my fitting appointment, too, while I was in the store (which is an hour away from where I live). As I was making the appointment, I pulled out my calendar to write it down. To which my salesperson remarked “You’re too organized, girl!”

My response: “Um… yeah.”

I mean, why wouldn’t I be organized? I’m planning my wedding. Why wouldn’t I write down my appointment time for my gown fitting? Sure, they’ll give me a little business card with my time written down, but you know what happens to business cards. They become gum wrappers you toss in the trash. They get shoved in wallet slots you don’t remember you have. They get lost, forgotten.

So yeah, the salesperson was clearly just making a glib remark. Completely harmless.

Mildly complimentary, even, just like our registry assistant at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, who had apparently never seen a bride come in with a list of things she wanted to register for. Um, really? I cannot be the first to do this. I only did it because Martha told me to! Okay, not really. But I loved my registry list. It, along with Dustin’s raised eyebrows, reminded me that no, I do not need yet another set of Corningware baking dishes, and even though BB&B says I need 8 towels per bathroom! my list reminds me that I really don’t need to register for any. Because I already have towels. Towels coming out the wazoo. My list helped me not have a registry that’s 25 pages long. My list kept me from getting claustrophobic and overwhelmed while huddled in the corner of the servingware aisle. My list kept me from strangling someone.

And the desire not to strangle anyone is a good thing, no?

And that’s a major reason in why I keep this blog going. I love my readers (all three of you!), of course, but blogging this process of planning keeps me on track. When I miss a few days of blogging, that means I haven’t been working on the wedding. (Oops, Re: this entire week.) My last bouquet post still shows an unfinished bouquet. I need to get on that. Haven’t blogged about Dustin’s suit yet. Because I really need to get on that. That to do list link in my header? That’s there for me. Because if it wasn’t there, I would lose my shit.

I’m sure I’ve annoyed lots of my vendors with my endless questions and need for clarification. I’m sure most people in this world can get by without a compulsively ordered calendar. I’m sure I’m among the few people who are just neurotic enough to need to start their day by writing a list.

But listen. You want me to be this way. Because as annoying as I may be what with my lists and day planner and daily reminders, I am more annoying without them.


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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study
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One Response to Santa Doesn’t Make Lists Like I Do

  1. Alisha says:

    Are you sure we aren’t the same person? Wait…I have the blonde curly hair….right! 🙂

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