44 Cents and a Little Spit

I love mailing things. I get great joy in writing cards and letters, taping up packages, and most of all, applying those little rectangular goodies on the upper right hand side of envelopes.

I don’t send Dustin to the post office anymore, because he comes home with these:Now, not that I have anything against the Liberty Bell or a stamp that will outlive postal hikes, but c’mon, this is not a pretty stamp. This is not a fun stamp.

And if they all cost 44¢, why not get stamps like these?And when the USPS came out with an Edgar Allen Poe stamp a few years ago, I held my breath for more American literary figure stamps. I mean, how perfect would Mark Twain be on our library-themed wedding announcements? But since that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in the next 6 months, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for stamps that reflect who Dustin and I are. And today, returning a package, I saw them. Yes folks, Sunday Funnies stamps. On sale in July. I’ll be there, buying out their stock.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?Ahh, Beetle Bailey. Perpetually lazy. Perpetually giggle-inducing. I’ll admit that this strip still cracks me up, even though the jokes haven’t changed since I learned to read it in the first grade.

Dennis the Menace. My city paper didn’t have this one in syndicate, but I remember reading through my dad’s old Dennis comic books that were in my grandparent’s storage shed. In the margins, my dad had asked for a BB Gun.

Yes, I love Garfield. (I really love the snarky spin-off Get Fuzzy.) I grew up with this fat cat.

Ohhhh, Archie. Betty and Veronica. Jughead. I LOVE THESE GUYS!! I grew up on them. And on the rare occasion that I see these little books on sale in the grocery store checkout line, I want to buy all of them and hug them close. Betty and Veronica taught me how to be a girl. How to wear makeup. How to remain cool under pressure when the super-rich sultry prom queen steals your boyfriend. Okay, so I never really had to deal with that last one.

And the crowing jewel. CALVIN AND HOBBES! This was, by far, my favorite comic strip growing up. It is, by far, my favorite comic strip today. Dustin loves him, too. In fact, this very image is a background on his computer. Bill Watterson could very well be my personal guru. He’s a philosopher, a poet. A genuinely funny comic artist. My mom sent several volumes of Calvin and Hobbes to Saudi Arabia when my dad was doing his tour there in ’91. I read them more times than I can count, and they’re on my bookshelves now. Calvin and Hobbes. So simple. So perfect. So going on our wedding announcements.

So yeah, these aren’t very wedding-y, but they’re very much Ashley&Dustin-y. And while a lot of people (idiots) don’t regard comics and graphic novels as having very much literary merit, these stamps even manage to fit into our mildly book-themed shindig. Brownie points to USPS for putting these on the docket in time for our wedding!! (Now if we could just get them to work on some worthwhile Christmas stamps.)


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2 Responses to 44 Cents and a Little Spit

  1. Sara says:

    When the Jimmy Stewart stamps came out, I bought them in bulk.

  2. AshleyGee says:

    Those were a long time ago!

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