Registering…for Others?

Ah, we’re back to the issue of wedding gifts. We’re not expecting them, and we don’t need them. Well, we don’t need a lot of them.

But there are lots of people that do need them. Well, they don’t need toasters or coasters or tea towels, but they need a lot more. Which is why Dustin and I have chosen to make half of our registry dedicated to charities. We’re not setting up a specific registry (but you can do that, with websites like the I Do Foundation and Just Give.) We’ve just listed our favorites on the “Our Registries” page of this blog. Our kind friends and family can go to that page, read about our favorites, and choose one they’d like to donate to (in our honor, or not).

I’m really hoping I get to write lots and lots of thank you notes that begin “Thank you so much for you donation to…” It would really mean a lot to us.

Edit (27 May 2010): Our traditional registries have been posted, too. They’re on the same page!


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