Putting Together a Brooch Bouquet: Overview

Hello, gorgeous.

I’ve had my eye on you for a long, long time.

And for a long time, DIY instructions were NOWHERE to be found. I mean nowhere. I scoured the interwebs for hours, days, months, looking for any ideas on how to construct these beautiful angels. I found lots and lots of links of florists and etsy sellers who were willing to make them for me (at upwards of $300!!), but no DIY help.

Until, of course, OBB and the Hive picked up the idea. It was mine first, dammit! My precious! Kidding, of course. But I do feel a certain attachment to these gorgeous darlings. There is one good thing, though, about the contagiousness of the love for brooch bouquets–DIY guides are out there now! They’re unclear, they’re varied, and they don’t all work, but with a little ingenuity and willingness to stab yourself with floral wire, you can piece together a gorgeous bouquet. I hope. ‘Cause I’m trying to.

What I’ve found so far is that this is a monster of a project. I made my floral bouquet in 45 minutes. It seems like my brooch bouquet might actually take 45 days. And waaay more than the $20 I spent on flowers. In fact, the running average I’ve seen people spend on a full bouquet is somewhere between $300-400. If you’ve got that kind of money, awesome, go for it. But I do not. The biggest portion of this cost is in the cost of collecting brooches. I haven’t found a consistent number yet, but it looks like you’ll need anywhere from 100-300 brooches, which can really add up fast, ESPECIALLY if you’re looking for specific types, sizes, or colors.

I’ll be breaking down the basics of the process tomorrow. Right now? I’m going to nurse my floral wire stab wounds.


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