Lipstick on Your Collar*

I booked my hair and makeup today! Take that, Martha! I’m a full two months ahead of schedule with these. I love being ahead of schedule, and trust me, this wedding is the *only* thing I’ve ever done according to schedule.

Meet my salon, Ananda’s, and my makeup people, Makeup at the Grove Arcade.

from Ananda’s Gallery

from E. Scott Thompson’s Portfolio

They both came highly recommended by my photographer, Regina Holder. And maybe I’m taking a risk here, but I totally didn’t shop around for hair and makeup. Maybe I should have, but I feel good about this. Or maybe I’m just mistaking “good” for “lazy.” But either way, I liked the work in their portfolios; the brides they worked with looked gorgeous, and both said they were excited to do some vintage-inspired work with me.

Another task bites the dust!



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