You Can Leave Your Hat On*

I finally booked my hotel room for my boudoir shoot. It’s truly fabulous, and almost exactly the look I was going for.

(This was the look I was actually going for, but this look would cost me $1500:

(The Gatsby Suite at the Grove Park Inn and Spa))

So since I don’t have $1500 just sitting around, we had to opt for a little less expensive–but still just as fabulous–option.

We booked a suite at the Grand Bohemian Hotel. It’s gorgeous. It reminds me of a hotel Humphrey Bogart would have boozed around in, even though he didn’t. But still. I love it.

This is the outside of the hotel (all of the following images are from the Grand Bohemian Hotel’s website): 

I can really see me in a trench coat next to those carriage doors.

This is the lobby:That fireplace is calling my name. Sweet merciful heavens. That fireplace. I need you in my life.

And this is our suite from the sitting area:I like the clean lines of the couches when partnered with otherwise plushy furnishings. And that headboard? I can do things with that headboard. Oh, and that full length mirror over there on the left side? I need that, too.

And this is the fabulous jacuzzi tub. Yes, the tub is in the room. I think that’s awesome.My photographer asked me if I was going to get bubble bath for that tub. Um, yeah!

So I’m pretty excited about this. I mean, yeah, there’s the whole I’m posing in my underwear thing, but I think I can get over it in a room this awesome.

*This song will definitely be on my boudoir playlist. If there is such a thing.


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