The Negotiator

This post could alternatively be called: How William Shatner Continues to Be the Awesome.

We’re going to Asheville this summer (for the first time) to have our engagement pictures taken, and to meet with our officiant and to see our venue (also all for the first time). I’m also having my boudoir photos taken, and I knew we’d have to spring for a super awesome hotel room for that, so we needed a stupid cheap place to stay for the other few days we’re in town.

Enter The Negotiator:

I’ve never used any website other than the actual hotel’s to book a room, but I’ve always wanted to go balls out and try the Name Your Own Price feature of . I mean, William Shatner is their spokesperson, it has to be awesome.

So as far as I can tell, this for Dummies article about how Priceline actually works is pretty accurate. And this article about how to use Priceline worked pretty well for me.

So here’s what you do:

  1. Click on “Name Your Own Price.” Enter your dates, and destination.
  2. Choose the area of the city you want to stay in. My advice? Aim high. Only pick one location at first, then, if your bid is rejected, you can add on. This is where some preliminary research comes in handy, especially for a larger city. While you’re doing this preliminary research, check out the average hotel costs across your desired star ratings.
  3. Choose your star level. Again, aim high. You can always go back later if your bid doesn’t get accepted.
  4. Then you’ll name your price. Shoot for about 40-50% of the average rates.
  5. This is the step people hate: You’re going to have to enter your name and billing info BEFORE you see what hotel you get. Also, you can’t cancel, or request specific room types.
  6. Priceline will now tell you if your bid has been accepted or rejected. Accepted? Great. Do your dance, go check out your hotel (this is when you’ll get the link to your room). Rejected? Go back and revise your bid.

I refused to stay anywhere outside of downtown Asheville, but I was okay going down from a 4-star to a 3 1/2 star rating. And the best part? I didn’t have to go above my $50 bid. We got a 3 1/2 star rated hotel in downtown Asheville that’s usually $160/night for $50 a night.

Awesome, right? This meant we could splurge a little bit on a super awesome hotel room for my boudoir session! I’ll show you that tomorrow, but in the interim, here’s yet another reason The Shatner is so awesome:

William Shatner advertising World of Warcraft, which is Dustin’s favorite pastime. Hey, I told you we were geeks.


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One Response to The Negotiator

  1. looking forward to meeting you in person! i always priceline when i travel. i’m single, who cares where i stay. i’ve stayed in apartments in germany for $50us and at the washington duke inn in durham for really cheap. i actually wait until the night before or the day of when i need to stay, because you can get an even lower rate! the only time i had a problem was in san francisco in july, all of the hotels in the nice areas were already fully booked. i ended up staying in a great hotel just across in berkeley for $40.

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