He Put a Ring On It*

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve never done a post about my engagement ring. Usually, this is one of the first things a newly engaged woman does, but I was way more interested in talking about Dustin instead of the ring he gave me.

But that ring he gave me? It’s pretty awesome. He picked it out all by himself. I told him the cuts I liked, and that I wanted a solitaire, but he went from there.

The ubiquitous ring on a flower shot.

On my $20 bouquet.

My *favorite* holiday candy. I always buy a ton of extra bags after V-Day.

We create words for Scrabble, but you only get points if you can come up with a convincing definition. Please ignore my inability to put “Ns” right side up.

Our initials.

* Yes, I went there.


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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study
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One Response to He Put a Ring On It*

  1. Priscilla says:

    Pretty ring and I love the photos. I have a princess cut also.

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