DIY Bouquet: My $20 Back Up Plan

I *finally* found instructions on how to make a brooch bouquet today. And as I was beginning to fear, my beloved brooch bouquet is going to be a hairy, expensive project. I’m still going to try and go through with it, but I thought I better have a back up plan. Just in case.

Enter a DIY grocery store flower bouquet.

Following the instructions from the lovely ladies at Academichic, I made a bouquet in about 45 minutes.

My tools of destruction:

Rubber bands (you only need about 3 or 4, but these were fun colors!); floral tape, a big bouquet, and wide ribbon of your choosing. Ignore the floral wire–that’s for the next little project I’ll show you.

Now, I used a $10 bouquet from Kroger–their super value bunch. It looked huge in the store, but I would probably want 3 of those babies to get a truly full, “bride-size” bouquet. I’d say the bouquet I made tonight is “bridesmaid size,” only because it’s about the same size bouquet I carried as a bridesmaid for a friend several summers ago. She’s going to have a baby soon, but that has nothing to do with this post.

Your first step will be to let your nosy kittehs smell the flowers.

Your REAL first step will be to trim all the extra leaf and stemmy parts from your flowers. Go ahead and pick out the runty looking ones, too. It might also be helpful to lay out your flowers by color so that it’s easy to grab the color you’re looking for and so that you don’t run out of the dark purple before you meant to. Not that I made that mistake.

Then, you’ll just arrange the flowers at basically the same height, making an outward-spinning spiral, until it’s the size you want. Then, you’ll add another row or two of flowers that are a little bit below the main level. Note: I added some of the smaller flowers and unopened buds at staggered heights as I was making my spiral, but I tend to bouquets that aren’t perfectly symmetrical or all at one height.

You can really play with the arrangement as much as you like, but I would definitely recommend working in an outward turning spiral pattern, just because that keeps things from being too heavy on one side.

Once you’ve got things the way you want them, hold the bunch closely to the base of the buds, then rubberband your stems together as many times as you need to (I used 3). This is the part where having another set of hands is really helpful, but it’s not totally impossible to do by yourself.

Next, you’ll want to go back and trim all the places you were too lazy to trim before, so that your floral tape and ribbon go on as smoothly as possible. Again, not that I was too lazy to trim properly the first go round.

Once you’ve got your rubber bands in place, you can wrap floral tape all around the bunch, starting at the top (not as close as you can get to the buds, but where you want the top of your ribbon to fall), and working your way down the stems, stopping where you want your ribbon to stop. And is all floral tape obnoxious to work with, or just Wal*Mart’s?

And ignore the extra rubber band. I left out some flowers, and was too OCD to not use them.

Once you’ve got your floral tape in place, you’ll start wrapping your ribbon, staring a little above the halfway point, wrapping up, then back down again, until you get to the bottom. If you’re smart, you’ll have remembered to buy floral pins (straight pins with the cute little pearls), but if you’re like me, you saw those in Wal*Mart, wondered why the heck anyone would need them, and had to use scotch tape to secure the ribbon in place (/facepalm). You can really go crazy on the ribbon front, but I kept it mostly simple, and just tied a cute little bow in a thinner ribbon of contrasting color.

And here’s the finished product:

The final cost?

  • Floral Tape: $3.17 (for 3 rolls; I only used half of 1)
  • Rubberbands: $0.46
  • Ribbon: 2 @ $1.97 (with lots of the second kind leftover)
  • Kroger flowers: $10 (but I really needed $30 worth for the size I want)
  • TOTAL: $17.57

You seriously can’t beat that. Obviously, the price is pretty dependent on the cost of the flowers, but this isn’t a bad plan B.


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One Response to DIY Bouquet: My $20 Back Up Plan

  1. Alisha says:

    Hey Ashley! I finally caught up to you again here and love the bouquet! Very pretty and works as I am looking for a way to do the same, but not for my wedding, lol! Also wanted to show you this picture I came across…I know Strebeck Photography and loved this boquet with the stems left out at the bottom and all cut straight…. Happy wedding planning!! 🙂

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