Our Budget Breakdown: What We’re Supposed To Spend

One thing I haven’t talked about too much here is our budget. It’s a relatively tight one, but my Mama raised me right (HA!) and taught me never to talk about money in public. So I’m not all that comfortable giving the exact amounts of our budget, or where exactly it’s coming from, but a percentage breakdown might be helpful.

Our total budget breaks down like this:

Obviously, we haven’t spent all we’re going to yet (that’ll have to wait until this whole shindig goes down), but here’s what we’ve spent so far (the categories we haven’t spent anything yet aren’t shown):

Ceremony Location (Includes Officiant’s Fee): Allotted: 20%; Actual: 9.5%
Wedding Bands: Allotted: 5%; Actual: ? (but probably closer to 10%)
Wedding Gown: Allotted: 4%; Actual: 4.5%
Photography: Allotted: 10%; Actual: 21%
Honeymoon Accommodations: Allotted: 20%; Actual: 18.26%

The biggest chunks of our money is going to our venue, our photographer, and our honeymoon cabin. I’m planning on DIYing a lot of stuff (my veil, our stationery, the bouquet and boutonnieres) to save some money.

Where is all of your wedding money going?


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