My Experience With David’s Bridal, Part 2: The Pros

I went to David’s Bridal twice, once in June 2009, and just recently, a few weeks ago in April 2010. The first store was in Augusta, GA, and the second in Tupelo, MS.

Both times, my experience was really good. Both of my consultants were very kind, incredibly helpful, and really willing to let me stay in their booth for 4 hours to try on 15 or so wedding gowns.

And trying on wedding gowns isn’t exactly easy. It’s definitely a 2-person job, and they have to deal with stressed out brides who are unnecessarily self-conscious and maybe just a teensy bit sweaty. Just a teensy bit. I promise.

Both times, I made appointments over the phone, and everyone I spoke with was very patient and kind. They are more than willing to see if they have dresses in stock, were very kind when I cancelled and rescheduled (and re-rescheduled) appointments.

And I got *lots* of attention both times. Part of this was because I had fairly early appointments both times, and for the early parts of the business day, lots of consultants liked to hover around me throwing lots of compliments my way. And these were genuine compliments, too! Everyone (by everyone, I mean the store manager, the seamstress, and anywhere from 1-5 consultants) was trying to help me envision the “complete package” for my wedding day, right down to the shoes and jewelry. Part of this was their trying to sell me stuff, but another, significant part of it was their true willingness to help me achieve the look I wanted for my wedding day. Once I told them that I wouldn’t be buying shoes, veil, etc. the day I bought my dress, they were still willing to help me put a theoretical “look” together.

And they let me have fun. They let me pose for silly pictures. They let my dad hang around with a giant camera around his neck taking those silly pictures. They let me stand in front of the mirror analyzing which bustline truly made the girls stand at attention. They let hold onto their shoulders when it became obvious that I clearly didn’t have enough balance to put on heels by myself.

And when I’d gone through all 50,000 of the dresses I’d tried on, and FINALLY made that decision? They celebrated with me. They made me ring a goofy bell (what is up with the bell, DB?), and they clapped and smiled and truly made me feel fabulous.

Then came the questions about sizing, and fittings, and payment options. They worked with me and my neurotic mother (sorry, Mom), and were very willing to help us in any way that they could. They let my mom try on some Mother of the Bride dresses, even though we didn’t actually schedule time for her.

And right now? I’ve got a fabulous dress. My mom has a truly fantastic MOB dress. I have people I can go to if I need shoes and a veil and a sash and a purse and anything else imaginable. And we’re happy with David’s, which in the end, is all you can really ask for.

Is anyone else very happy with their experience at David’s?


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