The Wedding Dress I Can’t Show You Yet

I did buy one, though, at a pretty decent price. I’m in love with it. I want to wear it all the time, which is reason #3 I’m opting to keep it at David’s Bridal on layaway instead of in my closet. (Reasons #1 and #2 include nosy cats and a snoopy fiance).We’re electing to save the “big reveal” for when I walk down the aisle, so I’m limiting Dustin’s knowledge of my wedding day attire severely. Which is gonna be so hard. Because I’m terrible at keeping surprises a surprise. I’m a big fan of the giving (and getting, dear!) of birthday and Christmas gifts weeks, months in advance. I’m going to work really hard on this one, though.

I would really, really, love to show you my wedding dress. But I can’t. Not here. I do, however, have the link to the dress I bought. And photos of me in that amazing dress. So if you want them, you might be able to tempt me. Just maybe.


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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study
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2 Responses to The Wedding Dress I Can’t Show You Yet

  1. Dude, you gotta keep it a secret. I know it’s hard (ha! that’s what she said!) but it’ll be worth it. That dress you got? It’s a knockout.

  2. Sara says:


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