Suited Up!

It didn’t take much contemplating to decide that Dustin would wear a suit at our wedding. Reasons: we’re casual, he’s casual, our wedding is casual, and Dustin needs a suit. Hell, a sport coat would probably be a good start, as he doesn’t have one of those, either.

Here’s what we like so far:

1. Vesting. We love ’em. We’re thinking he could snazz it up during the ceremony with vest and jacket, and then relax a bit post-ceremony for photos, imbibery, and celebration.

from, from the Irish Linen Ludow collection

2. Gray–it’s one of those neutrals that looks good with everything, and works in all seasons. And maybe it’s just me, but I think gray adds just a little bit of class and sophistication to what would otherwise be basic black.

from, JOE Joseph Abboud Gray Herringbone Suit Separates

3. Really silly socks. Okay, this one is purely for the photo-ops, but c’mon with this! So fun.


4. Super-fun ties that match his personality. In Dustin’s case? Orange. Star Wars. Computers.

from Etsy Seller MeandMatilda, Me and Matilda Everyday Necktie Orange Damask

from eCrater seller giftshous, star wars darth vader satin silk nectie

5. Similarly geeky cufflinks. See above.

from Etsy Seller cosmofashionslave, Star Wars Chewbacca Lego Minifig Silver Cufflinks. Comes with Crossbows. Crossbows!


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