Dustin Got a Job!

And it’s all because of our Wii.

Please to explain.

Dustin’s been jobless since he moved here in December. The school systems aren’t hiring until the fall (and even then, there’s a chance it might not work out–Mississippi has a shortage of teachers, but they have a bigger shortage in the budget), and try as he might, it seems that NOBODY was hiring here in our town. Clearly, people here don’t recognize obvious talent when they see it. As the months went by, we were beginning to get a little worried. My pitiful grad school stipend would only carry us so far, and it definitely wouldn’t help up pay for our wedding.*

Before Dustin moved to Mississippi, he worked for Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Yes, these guys:

He loved that job (even the uniform), and was damn good at it, too (I’m biased, but honest). And while he worked for Best Buy / Geek Squad, he bought us a Wii, and the service plan that goes with it.

And one day, our Wii stopped working. Something about the power adapter magic box thingy just stopped being magical. So we drove the hour to our nearest Best Buy to have it replaced, but because there’s a severe national Wii depletion, they were out, and we went home (with a store credit) disappointed.

Time went by, and we kept checking to see if they’d gotten any in: None. Yes, but they’d already sold them. None again. Yes! So we drove there. And they’d been sold in the time it took us to get there. Tired of the waiting game, we spoke to one of the managers, who was a really super guy, and he said he’d call us when one came in, since we’d gone through so much already, and it was clear I was having Mario Kart withdrawals. He also let Dustin know that they were opening up a new Best Buy just a little East of the store we were currently in, and that they would be conducting interviews soon. Hopes up!

Time went by. No Wii. No job. No happy.

Dustin calls the manager we spoke to. Poor guy had been in the hospital and had completely forgotten us. No worries, glad he’s okay (and still super nice). But guess what? They have a Wii for us. Dustin drives the hour to go get it, calls me, and says, “Guess what, babe? I have a job.”

Yep. While getting our Wii, Dustin spoke with the general manager of that store, the guy that will be the Geek Squad manager at the new store, and has been offered a job first selling computers at the old store, and then back in his black and whites (and orange) at the new store once it opens.

Can you say relieved? Grateful? Excited? Really, really glad we got a service plan?

Some things we learned:

  1. Being jobless sucks. I’m sorry for everyone who has it worse than we did, and so grateful we have a supportive family.
  2. Best Buy is an awesome company. They take care of their people, even when their people move 500 miles away and are on Sleeper Status.
  3. ALWAYS get the service plan. It might give you more than a new Wii.

*And this is where we should thank both sets of our parents. They are generous, good-hearted people, and have been more than willing to send us both down payments and grocery money.


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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study
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