Worth a Thousand Words

Meet Regina Holder.

She’s the photographer we chose after days upon days upon days of deliberation.

This was not an easy choice, people. Asheville has so much talent, and so many great people that I thought we would never be able to pick just one photographer for our wedding day. At one point, I seriously considered getting married in jeans so I could afford to hire 3 separate people to photograph our big day. I wish I were kidding.

We looked at *everyone.* I sat down one night and just went to every website about wedding photography in Asheville I could find. Of course, there were the hokey ones, whose wedding portraits were truly worthy of Awkward Family Photos. But almost everyone else has truly amazing work. I mean there are some seriously breathtaking images out there. Of normal people! Like me!

I knew from the beginning of this process that I cared most about our photography, and n the end, we chose Regina for 3 reasons:

  1. Her pricing is simple, and we got a lot for it. We get hi-res digital negs with printing rights, a decent amount of time with her, and a free engagement session.
  2. She was super friendly and prompt in all communication–no automatic mailers! We knew we were talking to a real person who is invested in her work, and interested in us as individuals. Regina’s e-mails were by far the most detailed, yet also the easiest to understand, out of everyone we talked to. Maybe it’s just because I teach freshman writing, but information and clarity MATTERS.
  3. And of course, the beauty of her images. Her aesthetic aligned pretty much perfectly with mine and Dustin’s, and I love that she’s worked with brides of all shapes and sizes*. Here are just a few of our absolute favorites (all copyright of Regina Holder!). Please, please, please go see more in the Wedding section of her site–there are so many more, and I’d put them all here if that wouldn’t be totally ridiculous.

Aren’t these lovely? I’m smitten.

We’ve booked her for 5 hours on our wedding day, plus an engagement shoot which we’ll do sometime in June (probably). I can’t wait to see what she does with us!

*Photographers, I know your website is your business, but this is just a note from someone who’s on the other side of things: Most people love it when you show you can photograph fat people, people with crazy hair, multi- and mixed-race people, tattooed people, gay people, old people, differently abled people, silly people, and completely humorless people along with straight, white, and skinny people. Just a thought.


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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study
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