Where We’ll Say ‘I Do’: Our Venue, Part I

I have decided that Dustin and I are saying our vows in the prettiest place in Asheville. We booked our venue, and put down that deposit, so it’s official: The Farm, here we come!

If the skies are clear, we’ll be getting married at the gazebo.

This is what it will look like from the Barn, as I walk down my aisle.

And this is what the gazebo looks like up close. Imagine a swanky Mr. Siler up there in his suit! And picture a certain Mrs. Gutierrez Siler up there in a fabulous gown!

If you’re interested, you can look at more pictures of the Gazebo area in The Farm’s gallery. (All the photos on this post are from that same gallery.)

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Since we’re getting married in late November, there won’t be nearly that much green surrounding us, so I want the decorating we have to do (very little decorating, might I add) to bring cheerful pops of color. I’m thinking hanging baskets of mums and zinnias will look lovely.

Any suggestions?


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