Our Honeymoon: Where We’re Staying

Since we’re eloping, our honeymoon is in the same place as our wedding (Asheville, NC). We looked at lots of places in and around Asheville to stay for the week, but we really only ever had our hearts set on two places.

The first was the 1889 Whitegate Inn and Cottage. Back when we were originally planning a more traditional wedding in our hometown, we’d considered honeymooning in Asheville, and the Whitegate was the first place we saw and loved. And I do mean loved. Beautiful rooms (and one of the few places that realizes that just because you’re in the mountains doesn’t mean you have use bears as a central theme of your decor), really excellent breakfast menus, and a really fabulous location. And we were *this* close to booking with them. But when we counted our dollars, we just couldn’t swing the reservation rates for the room we loved (which was the Walt Whitman Garden Spa Suite, btw).

Slightly devastated, we began searching for other options. And in about 10 minutes, we found out current honeymoon suite, and we are in LOVE. (And it’s nicer to our dollars– about $600 cheaper with an extra day).

Let me give you a run down on the awesomeness that is our honeymoon suite:

  • It’s a cabin. A cabin we have all to ourselves.
  • Completely private: It’s a cabin all on its lonesome–no one around for 260 acres (please don’t be a psychopath ready to kill me).
  • Woodburning fireplace
  • Lots of very large windows
  • Huge kitchen (and yes, I WILL be cooking on our honeymoon. I can’t wait!)
  • 4-person hot tub
  • Mountain views
  • Fire pit (for s’mores!)
  • decks and porches all over the place
  • A half mile trail next to a mountain stream that leads to…get this…a waterfall!
  • And in the Master Bath? His & Hers Vessel sinks (which I’m smitten with). A Jacuzzi tub. AND a steam shower. A steam shower, people. This lifetime user of shower/tub combo units cannot wait.

Check out just a few of the pictures I stalk when I should be reading for class:

From L to R: Our fabulous master bath (with STEAM SHOWER!!!); the driveway and side view of our cabin; our hot tub, and view that surrounds it; the kitchen where I’ll cook our family’s Thanksgiving dinner; a view from one our porches.


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One Response to Our Honeymoon: Where We’re Staying

  1. Annette says:

    That is a really nice place. So beautiful!

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