School Days Inspiration

I’ve always been skeptical about Martha Stewart anything, but I signed up for her Weddings site, and I’m so glad I did!! She features such gorgeous weddings, and today, I found the most perfect little wedding. Minhee and Truman had so many great details, and while Dustin and I are going for more of a literary styled bash, “school days” touches fit into that so well.

All images below were found on, and are not my property. Thanks for sharing the wedding love.

I just love this photo of the bride and groom–so perfect, especially since they met in 4th grade! Dustin and I met in a Shakespeare class, so you can see why I’d be drawn to these kinds of touches.

This is their invitation suite. From MS: “In keeping with the school theme, letterpress invitations, maps and reply cards were printed on vintage notebook paper by Minhee’s company, Paper + Cup. Attendance reports asked guests to indicate who was coming. All the components slipped inside a small manilla folder printed with the couple’s names and address label peek through the outer envelope.” We won’t have the funds to pull together such a large, detailed suite, but we’ve got a DIY surprise (along this same idea) that will knock your geeky socks off. We promise!

Um, LOVE THIS SHOT! A requisite posed shot of the bridal party without being awkward. So completely framable and playful!

And don’t you just love their seating card table? I was already planning to use apples as my “seating card,” but instead of stickers and graph paper like this:
I’m planning on using tipped pins to attach scraps of paper–reminiscent of those impromptu bookmarks and notes Dustin and I passed in class.

And how’s this for a guestbook idea, huh? Guests all scribbled on the flippable chalkboard, had a polaroid snapped of them in front of their message (it’s like the coolest photobooth idea, ever!!!!), and placed it in a vintage accountant’s ledger:
I mean, how PERFECT is that idea? Too bad the Polaroid is no more. I wonder if someone will make a Polaroid v2.0. (Please???)

Okay, last image, I promise. I just had to share their favors! School supplies in a brown paper bag. Practical and cost effective:

I am completely in love with this wedding. A lot of the details would need to be tweaked–we’d mature some things from 4th grade to classic literature to better reflect who we are as a couple, but considering that we met in school, and are both going to be educators (Dustin as a high school teacher, myself eventually as an American literature professor), incorporating our passions into our wedding decor just seems so natural and easy.

I absolutely LOVE it when I run across a wedding that is just so full of inspiration–but this one has definitely been the one closest to what I’m envisioning (with rustic BBQ and beer currents thrown in!).


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