We’d Look Pretty In This…

For our upcoming photography with Ellie at Bird In Hand! (Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited about this? I can’t stop thinking about it!!!)

Here’s my dream outfit (we don’t dream big over here in student loan land…):
Dream Photo Outfit
Dream Photo Outfit – by snickerdoodle564 on Polyvore.com
Both tops are from Old Navy, the jeans could be (although I want a darker wash), and I’ve already got the shoes! I seriously doubt I’ll buy a bag (though I’ve been craving a brightly colored hobo since last spring), and I’ll only buy jewelry if it’s stupid cheap. Is The Body Shop still open in the Augusta Mall? And do they still sell their jewelry for 3 for $12 or whatever it was?

This is Dustin’s “dream” outfit. Actually, I put it together, as I’m pretty sure Dustin would show up any way I asked him to. He’s not big on the fashion.

D's Photo Outfit
D’s Photo Outfit – by snickerdoodle564 on Polyvore.com

Jeans could be from Old Navy (Dustin, you need new jeans. Buy them). The shirt is, too. He’s got the Fossil watch already, and the leather flip flops are from American Eagle. Dustin’s been wearing the same pair of Corona flip flops that he bought at Walmart for $5 since I met him in the Spring of 2006. They are worn thin and it is way past time for some newer, a bit less product-placement-y ones.

Would someone like to send me an Old Navy gift card? 😀


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3 Responses to We’d Look Pretty In This…

  1. Sara Gibson says:

    Do you know that Old Navy is having one of their sales right now and most of this stuff is in it.

  2. Matt says:

    What’s that ginormous button looking thing on yours? A bracelet? Belt? Nose ring? Looking forward to seeing the photos you guyzes take.

  3. ambika says:

    All of these colors are wonderful. So bright & spring–& perfect for the occasion.

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