First Wedding Item!

So I’m the proud owner of the first item for our wedding. Never mind that I haven’t held it, or seen it in public, or tried it on, it’s the first thing we’ve got for our wedding.

My mom found it at an estate sale. It was the last of the hats–all the others were sold in bulk, and this one was forgotten! It wasn’t stored in a hat box, so the lace is a little crushed, but it just needs reshaping. The bow is perfect and still clean. I was originally going to go with a miniature pillbox hat with blusher veil attached, but I’m loving this one even more! I can’t wait to couple it with the Sears-Roebuck dress I am probably going to have made!


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I'm a graduate instructor at a completely Southern (Football, Rush Week, and lots of "Hey Y'alls!") university. I teach freshman comp, study
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One Response to First Wedding Item!

  1. Sara says:

    That is perfect!

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